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Qualified Appointments

How It Works

Step 1: Overview – One of the account handlers at The Appointments Office will discuss a brief with our clients in order to understand more about the organisation, its market and Unique Selling Points (“USPs”). We then determine the level of qualification criteria required in order for our client to deem each meeting that has been arranged as successful.

STEP 2: Data – The data that will be used for the campaign will be discussed in order to determine the target market by industry sector, size of company (by number of employees or turnover), and also the geography of the target audience in terms of how far away the client is willing to travel to attend each meeting (meetings can be arranged globally).

STEP 3: Campaign dates – The starting time of the campaign is agreed subject to existing scheduled campaigns and additional trained personnel can be brought in if required.

STEP 4: Pricing – The Appointments Office‘s rates are dependent on the level of qualification required by each client and the seniority of the contact with whom each client wishes to meet. Our results-based or retainer-based models give pricing flexibility.

STEP 5: Other preparation – A script is composed, the data is organised and internal training is carried out with those at The Appointments Office who will be working on the campaign discussing the approach, techniques and selling angles.

Once the campaign has begun, it takes a few days to qualify out the companies on the database who are in the market for the offering, and this often takes several calls to establish. However, through the calling model that we have developed, tried and tested over many years, we are confident that a connection can be formed and the message will be communicated succinctly. It is through our methods based on asking the right questions that lead to the appointments being booked into the diary.

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